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Peltor 3M SportTac Shooting Ear Muffs
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Developed specifically for hunters and shooters. Noise-dependent smooth damping function eliminates sudden intense sounds. Replaceable shell protectors make it easy to change...

Code: 4031
Peltor H10A Shooting Ear Muffs
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Peltor H10A Shooting Protective Ear Muffs.

Code: 000947
Peltor H64 Shooting Ear Muffs Black
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The 3M ™ Peltor ™ Bull Eye ™ has been designed in collaboration by world-class athletes to develop ear protectors that work for shooters.

Code: 8457
Peltor X3A Shooting Ear Muffs
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Peltor X3A Shooting Ear Muffs.

Code: 0324

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