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Fixed Blade Knives


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cold steel osi 2481.thumb 434x516
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cold steel srk san mai iii 38csm
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Cold Steel Outdoorsman Lite CS20PH Knife
In Stock (1 ks)
Code: 7744
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Arapaho Bowie F15559 Knife

Arapaho Bowie 15 matt finish stainless steel blade length 9 3/4. "Structured black rubber handle Stainless steel fuse black nylon holster.

Code: 7327
Attack 2000 Knife
Attack 2000 Knife
Not available

Attack 2000 Knife.

Code: 2029
Browning BR537 Hunter Knife

Browning BR537 Hunter Knife. Fixed blade -9. 1/2 inch Total 4 3/4 inch stainless steel blade. Wooden handle with a sidecut for the fingers and head. Black nylon belt sheath.

Code: 00227
Buck Gamut Knife
Buck Gamut Knife
In Stock (1 pcs)

Buck Gamut Knife. A knife suitable for traveling and camping.

Code: 3515
Buck General 120BRS Knife

Buck General 120BRS Knife. 

Code: 7670
Buck Special 0119BKS-B Knife

Buck Special 0119BKS-B Knife.

Code: 6056
Buck Special 119BRS Knife

Knife Special 119BRS from the brand Buck is special with a wonderful handle and fixed blade.

Code: 7669
Cold Steel 38CKJ1 SRK Knife

Military knife with a fixed blade Cold Steel SRK - Survival Rescue Knife. Has typical hunting blade with a smooth edge and is durable even when handled improperly.

Code: 07090
Cold Steel 80SSXL Battle Star Throwing Star

Throwing star is a simple and lightweight weapon used in China and Japan for centuries. It's actually a thin sheet of steel that has 3 or more spikes.

Code: 8973
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Push dagger Cold Steel Best Pal 50/50 CS43XLS stainless steel AUS 8A.

Code: 3616
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Pusher dagger Cold Steel Best Pal CS43XL stainless steel AUS 8A.

Code: 3614
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A stylish knife with a fixed blade Cold Steel Double Agent II CS39FNZ.

Code: 5676
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Military knife with a fixed blade Cold Steel Drop Point Spike CS53NCC suitable for various outdoor activities.

Code: 06662
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Training knife Cold Steel FGX Push Blade I 92FPA plastic.

Code: 00469
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Training knife Cold Steel FGX Tai Pan 92FTP plastic black.

Code: 00466
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Fixed knife in typical Finnish style Pukko made of 4116 Krupp steel, blade length 10,2 cm. Complete with fabric Cordura pouch.

Code: 2928

A unique combat knife Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri 39LGKT with the blade steel O-1.

Code: 9793
Cold Steel Kobun CS17TZ Knife

Knife with tanto blade, Cold Steel Kobun CS17TZ.

Code: 7961
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Unlike folding pocket knives, which we usually expect versatility and emergency assistance, fixed blade knives are usually purchased for a specific purpose. Whether military, training, hunting, tactical or decorative dagger knives, or knives designed for outdoor use, we can offer a wide selection, stylish design, first-class quality and a pleasing price.

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