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Expansion Mole Liquidator Kieferle - model W2

A 100% reliable trap for moles and water voles. The trap is on 9x17mm cartridges with a sensitive trigger. Water vole is killed instantly by the high pressure of combustion...

Code: 6493
45255 Selbstschussgeraet Kieferle Selbstschuss fuer Weinbauanlagen Wildschutzzaeune

Acoustic alarm M1 on 9x17 mm cartridge. Compact 9x17mm firing device. It is used to guard buildings and land, protect gardens and land before animals and birds.

Code: 4355
mastercut mt 456b
€15,60 –30 %

Tactical folding knife MTech MT-456B.

Code: 739
P200 010

Model P200 je středně veliký, robustní, ale přitom velice obratný pomocník pro každý den v přírodě nebo na cestách.Je určen především lovcům, táborníkům a dobrodruhům jako...

Code: ANVP200-004
Crosman Sentinel Archery Set

Archery set Crosman Sentinel.

Code: 1365
Gamo 4x20 Rifle Scope

Reliable and accurate rifle scope on an air rifle, Gamo 4x20 with the mount.

Code: 9204
Our tip
vyrn 446Gamo CFX cal 4 5mm

Gamo CFX 4.5 air gun. This weapon has a caliber of 4.5 mm with a muzzle speed of 305 m / s. The rifle is loaded with the lower lever.

Code: 8609

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In our offer of pistols, revolvers and other weapons you can find weapons from all world brands such as GLOCK, CZECH GASKET, SIG SAUER, SMITH & WESSON, HECKLER & KOCH, TAURUS, RUGER, BERETTA, DESERT EAGLE and others