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Smith & Wesson CK105H Folding Knife
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Code: 77714
590 Kč

Very practical closing knife with two-sided pin, ensuring quick blade extension.

Code: 77714
Smith und Wesson Smith and Wesson Messer Extreme Ops Desert CK105HD, 42881 1202339667
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Code: 7593
590 Kč

The Smith & Wesson CK105HD is a very practical double-sided locking knife for fast blade ejection.

Code: 7593
Smith & Wesson CK401 Drop Point Folding Knife
590 Kč

A reliable and practical folding knife a modern appearance.

Code: 02332
620 Kč

Very practical favorite knife with combined blade and tanto tip.

Code: 77713
Smith & Wesson CKLPB Folding Knife
390 Kč

A handy little folding knife that you can always have on hand.

Code: 77743
Smith & Wesson KARAMBIT Titanium URBAN CK32C Folding Knife
590 Kč

A handy knife with a curved blade with oval hole for opening the knife with the thumb of one hand.

Code: 00238
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Code: 350
590 Kč

Foldinging black-and-rainbow colored knife made of stainless steel with combined blade.

Code: 350
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Code: 328
850 Kč

Combat folding knife stainless steel from a series of Extreme Operations.

Code: 328
canivete smith wesson ck402
690 Kč

Elegant folding knife with a perforated aluminum handle, suitable for everyday use.

Code: 158
SW423GS 2T
690 Kč

Elegant and compact folding knife with combined blade for everyday use.

Code: 2445
taylor s and w extr ops smith and wesson sw50b www gatewayarmory com 35866 500x500
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Code: 77717
790 Kč

Practical and safe folding knife stainless steel for everyday use.

Code: 77717
950 Kč

A massive folding knife well suited to larger hands or for the work in gloves.

Code: 3709
Smith & Wesson SWAT Folding Knife
980 Kč

Smith & Wesson SWAT Folding Knife.

Code: 7997
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Code: 3508
1 100 Kč

Practical folding knife for everyday use.

Code: 3508
swatlbs smith wesson original imaee886hcxegtdd
1 450 Kč

Practical knife with the support of the opening, and a combined blade.

Code: 0746
Smith & Wesson SWATMB Folding Knife
1 250 Kč

Practical knife with the support of the opening and a smooth edge.

Code: 8985
s l1600
750 Kč

Rescue folding knife with combined blade, belt cutter and glass breaking tip.

Code: 07145
1 100 Kč

Large folding rescue knife with all-metal construction and a combined blade.

Code: 2836
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