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1052 Pistol
1052 Pistol
To 1 Week

1052 Pistols with flintlock.

Code: 0556
1096-117L Pistol

1096-117L Pistol on decorated board.

Code: 06914
1097-118 Pistol

1097-118 Pistol on decorated board. Dimensions in cm: 44x18

Code: 3451
1104 Pistol
1104 Pistol
In Stock (1 pcs)

1104 Pistol with flintlock.

Code: 062295
1106 Pistol
1106 Pistol
In Stock

1106 Pistol with flintlock.

Code: 0557
1109 Pistol
1109 Pistol
To 1 Week

1109 Pistol with percussion lock.

Code: 0555
1113 Pistol
1113 Pistol
To 1 Week

1113 Pistols with flintlock. Design of gray metal.

Code: 6560
1118 Pistol
1118 Pistol
To 1 Week

1118 Pistol with flintlock.

Code: 6599
Air Rifle Bipod - Fit on the Barrel

Air Rifle Bipod - Fit on the Barrel. For all types of air rifles.

Code: 27017
Code: 6791
Air Rifle Gamo ARROW  cal. 5,5mm - FULL POWER

Gas pistol Ekol Volga Agent titanium, caliber 9mm Small, lightweight gun, suitable for women as well.

Code: 679
Code: 57542BO
€143,60 –3 %
Code: 575430BO
€179,60 –11 %
Code: 255441
€186 –9 %
Code: 77690
vyr 5364black fusion igt mach1
€239,60 –17 %

Gamo Black Fusion IGT Mach I Air Rifle. It has a high quality polymer grip to guarantee the shooter the ultimate in comfort.

Code: 87876
Air Rifle Gamo Black Knight cal. 4,5mm

The Gamo Black Knight has a perfectly shaped grip to provide maximum comfort when shooting.

Code: 7343
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Goods in the category of weapons without a firearms license are freely available from 18 years, is not subject to registration and it is not necessary to own a firearms license.

The letter of the law says that the firearms license entitles an individual to acquire ownership and possession of a weapon or ammunition. For beginners exploring the world of weapons, airsoft fans, or enthusiasts who, for whatever reason, do not want to undergo a gun license, we have a very wide range of weapons without a gun license whose purchase and possession do not require this authorization.

Not only gas guns, airsoft guns and air rifles, but also slingshot, blowpipesbows, crossbows and true replicas of historical weapons - lots of fun and new experiences without having to own a firearms license. But beware, handling this type of weapon also requires utmost caution and responsibility.

By purchasing goods from this category you confirm that you have reached the age of 18 at a minimum.