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Stun Gun Power 200

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One of the most important advantages of stun gun Power 200 is a wrist strap with a locking pin. This strap hanging on the wrist will make the stun gun inoperable at the time of the violent rapture of the apparatus from the hand.

Detailed information

30 years of experience
30 years of experience
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Product detailed description

Electric paralyzer 200,000 V
with safety fuse against accidental thrust / 1x9V /.
No battery available - Cat.No.706 /

sale from 18 years

The number of raids, robberies and other violent crimes is steadily rising. Many people therefore have a legitimate concern about their safety.
Let us offer you a unique solution: Paralyzer POWER 200, a perfect personal defense. One of the most important features of the POWER 200 paralyzer is a loop with locking pin. This wrist-hooked strap will cause the paralyzer to become inoperative at the moment when the device is pulled violently out of hand. Before unintentional discharge, you protect the locking safety switch.
Description of POWER 200
A. the safety switch of the device
B. contact electrodes
C. Test electrodes
D. Device Trigger
E. 9 V battery
F. hand strap with safety lock

Characteristics of the POWER 200 paralyzer:
- It protects you from thieves, burglars and wild animals.
- Strong electric discharge instantly destroys the attacker as soon as he touches the body with his body.
- It works through a thick layer of clothing (even leather).
- In no case can you suffer a backdown even when the attacker holds you firmly.
- It leaves no psychological or physical consequences.

Uses and effects of the POWER 200 paralyzer
- A 0.5 second short stroke, causes the attacker to have muscle spasms and cramps
- 1 to 3 seconds of a central strike, causing the attacker to fall to the ground and a shock, but in a moment he is able to stand up
- 4 to 5 seconds full stroke, causing attacker's fall, loss of orientation and shock for several minutes.

The Paralyzer POWER 200 is particularly suitable for: women, businessmen, taxi drivers, guardians, vendors, petrol pumps, restaurant and bar managers, animal careers, vacationers.

A high quality leather case can be purchased from the device.
Only use a good 9 volt alkaline battery Energizer to power the POWER 200. Without the device, the battery lasts for 4 years.
We hope you will never have to use this power tool and that it will only serve you to feel confident and safe. If you have the POWER 200, you can be sure you have the right thing to do for self-defense.
Main features of POWER 200
- 200,000 volts - Immediate self-defense
- small-unobtrusive-always at hand
- protects the locking safety switch from unintentional discharge
- Strap with locking pin against violent pull out of hand
- ergonomic design
- gilded electrodes
- clip on belt

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