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1052 Pistol
In Stock (1 pcs)

1052 Pistols with flintlock.

Code: 0556
1096-117L Pistol

1096-117L Pistol on decorated board.

Code: 06914
1097-118 Pistol

1097-118 Pistol on decorated board. Dimensions in cm: 44x18

Code: 3451
1104 Pistol
In Stock (2 pcs)

1104 Pistol with flintlock.

Code: 062295
1106 Pistol
In Stock (1 pcs)

1106 Pistol with flintlock.

Code: 0557
1109 Pistol
To 1 Week

1109 Pistol with percussion lock.

Code: 0555
1113 Pistol
In Stock (1 pcs)

1113 Pistols with flintlock. Design of gray metal.

Code: 6560
1118 Pistol
In Stock (1 pcs)

1118 Pistol with flintlock.

Code: 6599
Air Gun Target 14x14 cm/50 pcs

Air Gun Target 14x14 cm/50 pcs.

Code: 105
Airsoft 0,12g 800pcs CombatZone Plastic Balls

Plastic balls with a diameter of 6mm and weight of 0.12g, which are used as ammunition for ball and weaker airsoft weapons. The plastic box has a belt clip on the back. You...

Code: 98771
Cleaning Set for Combination gun

It contains a three-piece wooden stick, a set of three spherical cleaners - jar, bristle and brass and two broom cleaners.  

Code: 07046
CO2 Oil Cartridge 12g
In Stock (22 pcs)

CO2 Oil Cartridge 12g. Cartridge is designed for air guns powered missiles CO2 12g .

Code: 6667
Colt 1095-65P
In Stock (1 pcs)

Colt on board - extended design.

Code: 001012
v Konkor 200ml

Coyote Konkor 101 universal oil produces oil-based film on canned goods, which lubricates and at the same time perfectly protects iron and non-ferrous metals such as steel,...

Code: 9470
E.A.R. Ultra Fit Ear Plugs

Shaped universal size plugs with three very delicate lamellae and a firm insertion handle, easy to wash, blue fiber in the neck position reduces the risk of their loss while...

Code: 0355
Engineer compass DC-45-2

Engineer compass DC-45-2 type "Ranger" with scale in cm. Body made of dark anodised aluminum alloy. 

Code: 0505
Fobus 20,5cm Plastic Knife

Plastic knife with toothed blade and clip. Letter opener. length 20,5cm.

Code: 4564
Gunpowder VESUVIT LC
In Stock /Permit needed/ (10 pcs)

Black Gun Powder VESUVIT LC For replicas, historical weapons and shotgun shells.  

Code: 0225
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