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EK Archery

The crossbow is a weapon whose history dates back to ancient times, when it appeared in the region of today's China and Korea. In Europe, it became one of the most important weapons of the Middle Ages, and long after that it was popularly used in hunting. A long time ago, other inventions replaced the crossbow as a combat or hunting weapon, but it has not lost anything of its elegance and interest. It is therefore not surprising that a large number of people are engaged in sports crossbow shooting and their number is constantly increasing. One of the companies that manufactures modern crossbows is EK Archery.

About the brand
EK Archery is a Dutch manufacturer of quality sports bows and crossbows based in Eindhoven. The company was founded in 2015 as the European division of the well-known Taiwanese bow manufacturer Poe Lang Archery Enterprise. Since then, EK Archery has established itself on the market as a quality brand of traditional firearms, of course in the most modern design.

The company EK Archery prides itself on giving its attention to the entire shooting equipment comprehensively. It does not follow the path of companies that boast of the perfect concept and construction of their crossbows, but at the same time skimp on the quality of the processing of individual structural parts. Customers can therefore rely on the fact that the product they purchase will be of high quality in all respects and will be characterized by a long service life.

EK Archery products
EK Archery offers crossbows in a price range from less than two thousand crowns to fifteen thousand crowns. It is so obvious that we are talking about weapons in the "good" to "high-end" categories. At first glance, crossbows from EK Archery have a robust construction, and the quality of the workmanship is also at an appropriate level even for crossbows in lower price ranges. This shows the attention paid to the processing quality of each component.

The highest class of EK Archery crossbows is represented by the top pulley crossbow ACCELERATOR-410+, which is characterized by absolute accuracy and high arrow speed. If you are serious about your crossbow shot, this is a really good choice for you.

The middle path is represented by the ACCELERATOR-370+, another pulley crossbow from the same series. It, too, will fulfill the expectations of the vast majority of sports shooters, who already expect a high level of quality translated into top accuracy and other parameters from their crossbow.

Beginner shooters will appreciate the features and easy handling of the COBRA Aluminum pistol crossbow. It is characterized by a metal body that fits exactly in the hand and smooth operation of all mechanisms.

Of course, there is also a wide range of additional equipment, including spare parts and gun bags.

In short, everyone can choose well from the EK Archery offer. Both beginners and experienced shooters will find a weapon suitable for them. Although Vilém Tell was Swiss and not Dutch, he would certainly have appreciated the EK Archery crossbow.