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Led Lenser SEO5 Headlamp grey/red

Led Lenser SEO5 Headlamp grey/red. Compared to the basic model of the SEO 3 series, the light output doubled with the maintenance of battery life.

Code: 70806
Led Lenser SEO5 Headlamp red

Led Lenser SEO5 Headlamp red.

Code: 70809
Led-Lenser H5 Headlamp

The LED LENSER H5 has more than just an elegant look. The special patented Advanced Focus System optics allow for simple focusing and utilization of the full potential of the...

Code: 7079
Led-Lenser H7.2 Headlamp

The LED LENSER H7 was the best-selling model of this headlamp class and has not been in competition with any other manufacturer in its price / performance ratio.

Code: 7810
Led-Lenser H7R.2 Headlamp
Led-Lenser H7R.2 Headlamp
In Stock (2 pcs)

The LED LENSER H7R.2 is a rechargeable headlamp that features two functions: smooth light intensity control and precise optics. It combines all the advantages of the LED LENSER...

Code: 92121
Led-Lenser P5E Flashlight

The LENSE P5 E LED is small, lightweight and energy-saving. It provides amazing light intensity. It is powered by one AA battery. The integrated DC / DC converter powers the LED...

Code: 4522
Led-Lenser Remote Trigger for MT14

Led-Lenser Remote Trigger for MT14.

Code: 56414
Led-Lenser Remote Trigger for TT

Led-Lenser Remote Trigger for TT.

Code: 08307
Led-Lenser SEO3 Headlamp Green

The new range of teenage-headed headlamps begins with LED LENSER SEO 3. It uses three high-quality LEDs with a combined output of up to 90 lumens.

Code: 70805
8768 13643 a
€72,44 –15 %

Handheld Flashlight Ideal for Diving Ledlenser D14 Daylight Daylight. A 300-meter waterproof lamp illuminates up to 200 meters and lasts for up to 15 hours.

Code: LD14
csm led lenser d14 movedstring 1500b2bc40
€72,44 –15 %

The Ledlenser D14.2 Waterproof Flashlight is specially designed for professional divers. It has a 400 lm luminous flux with up to 200 meters (on land).

Code: LD14.2
6974 6258 a
€80,53 –15 %

Formula 1 between Ledlenser F1 hand lamps. Thanks to all its unique features, it is a favorite helper of professional rescuers or soldiers.

Code: LF1
8231 12251 a
€80,53 –15 %

Formula 1 between Ledlenser F1 hand lamps. Thanks to all its unique features, it is a favorite helper of professional rescuers or soldiers.

Code: LF1B
8227 11350 a
€141,24 –14 %

The professional Lednser F1R handheld flashlight is a favorite helper of professional rescue workers or soldiers, thanks to all its unique features.

Code: LF1R
7605 9079 a
€161,47 –15 %

The perfect headlamp The Ledlenser H14R.2 is currently the most powerful headlamp of the H-Series.

Code: 7080
Ledlenser H3 Headlamp

Ledlenser H3 Headlamp will give you the light of your choice - the intensity of the light can be controlled very easily by a special lever impulse regulator that is placed on...

Code: 5443
€40,06 –15 %

Ledlenser H3.2 Headlamp is very compact and light and captivates great performance. They lit up 120 lm at 100 m for up to 6 hours.

Code: LH3.2
csm 7495 H5 1 1 1 9d07d67c9b
€36,02 –14 %

The patented Ledlenser H5 headlamp with 25lm red light can be lit for a distance of 70 to 20 hours.

Code: LH5
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