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Product 43590

Two-Step Lansky Crock Stick with two types of 5-inch ceramic blade - medium and fine grain. Easy storage in the kitchen drawer.

Code: 6487
Lansky Deluxe Diamond LKDMD Sharpener Set

Deluxe Diamond Set 4x - Gold, Orange, Purple, Silver (Extra Hard, Hard, Medium, Fine).  

Code: 77792
Lansky DeLuxe LKCLX Sharpener Set

Deluxe set. The cartridge includes a clamp, oil, sharpener: yellow, blue, green, red, black - extra rough, coarse, medium coarse, fine, ultra fine.

Code: 000617
Lansky Diamond Hone Medium LDHMD Sharpener

Medium-hard stone whetstone, excellent for sharpening blades of all types of knives.

Code: 2556
Lansky Diamond Orange LDHMD Sharpener

Medium rough whetstone with diamond powder, Orange holder, Excellent for keeping a fine edge on knives.

Code: 77821
Lansky Easy Grip LS09895 Sharpener

Knife sharpener Lansky Easy Grip LS09895 for very precise sharpening with a cover for protection of the fingers.

Code: 8886
18 46812 Product Primary Image

Lanyard Lansky LS09898 for fileting and fishing bait blades with anti-slip and finger protection. Price for 1 piece.  

Code: 34125
Lansky LCS5D Medium Sharpener

A wooden block with two aluminum sharpeners - type medium.

Code: 2804
Lansky LCSMG4 Sharpener
Lansky LCSMG4 Sharpener
In Stock (1 pcs)

A set of whetstones-two abrasive sticks in a wooden stand should not be missing in a drawer any home.

Code: 2658
Lansky LDFPF Sharpener

Folding Diamond Sharpening Paddle.

Code: 04285
Lansky LERAS Sharpener
Lansky LERAS Sharpener
In Stock (3 pcs)

A special, flexible abrasive is used to clean and remove metallic sawdust that accumulates during sharpening on the aluminum-ceramic Crocl Stick® sharpening element.

Code: 000619
Lansky LFRTF Sharpener

Lansky LFRTF Sharpener. 

Code: 1932
Lansky LM010 Clamp
Lansky LM010 Clamp
Not available

Lansky LM010 Clamp.

Code: 211833
Lansky LM010 Clamp
Lansky LM010 Clamp
In Stock (2 pcs)

Convertible Super clamping device has a unique two-piece design, aluminum construction , which allows you to connect Lansky scantling system on vertical, horizontal or curved...

Code: 01833
Lansky LPUCK Sharpener
Lansky LPUCK Sharpener
In Stock (7 pcs)

Multi-purpose Sharpener is ideal for blades of all kinds, plus a variety of other tools for cutting and chopping. 

Code: 6489
Lansky LS23 Sharpener
Lansky LS23 Sharpener
In Stock (9 pcs)

Pocket pulling Lansky Sharpener is designed for grinding of kitchen and filleting knives.

Code: 34124
Lansky LSERT Soft V-profile Sharpener Into the Set

A whetstone to set a gentle V-profile, grain size 1000, suitable for knives with a serrated edge and fishing hooks.

Code: 1834
Lansky Natural Arkansas Black Sharpener

Lansky Natural Arkansas Black Sharpener. Natural gentle, hard rock - - for the last final sharpening.  

Code: 77794
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