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Expansion Mole Liquidator Kieferle - model W2

A 100% reliable trap for moles and water voles. The trap is on 9x17mm cartridges with a sensitive trigger. Water vole is killed instantly by the high pressure of combustion...

Code: 6493
Holder for the Kieferle Mole Liquidator

Holder for the Kieferle Mole Liquidator. Easy to use, even for beginners.

Code: 1279
45255 Selbstschussgeraet Kieferle Selbstschuss fuer Weinbauanlagen Wildschutzzaeune
Kieferle M1 Sound Alarm 9x17 mm
Currently unavailable

Acoustic alarm M1 on 9x17 mm cartridge. Compact 9x17mm firing device. It is used to guard buildings and land, protect gardens and land before animals and birds.

Code: 4355
Optic Spray Kieferle
Optic Spray Kieferle
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Spray for gentle cleaning of telescopes, riflescopes and glasses. Prevents unwanted coatings from forming. 100 ml.

Code: 0125
Pflegeöl Kieferle 100ml Trap Oil

Special Pflegenöl Kieferle Trap Oil 100ml. Specially developed for the lubrication of moving parts of all kinds of traps. It is a balanced blend of pure vegetable oils without...

Code: 000580

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