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Brass Knuckles Silver
Brass Knuckles Silver
In Stock (1 pcs)

Brass Knuckles Silver. It is an effective means of defence but of a dangerous weapon.

Code: 4169
CO2 Cartridge 12g

For guns and revolvers powered by CO2 gas. The cartridges will last about 80 shots (depending on the type of weapon).

Code: 518
Inno Rifle Case Black and Green

Inno Rifle Case Black and Green.

Code: 06876
Inno Rifle Case Green

INNO 1022 - Carrying case for rifle with optics.

Code: 8069
Seat Stick - Long
Seat Stick - Long
In Stock (1 pcs)

Folding seat stick with leather seat. Seating height approx. 54 cm. Weight approx. 750 g.  

Code: 545
Universal Handgun Case
Universal Handgun Case
In Stock (1 pcs)

Universal briefcase for short spherical guns including accessories. The case is made of durable thermoplastic with a polyurethane foam liner.  

Code: 09300
Walking Stick with Rubber Tip

Walking stick with rubber, non-slip ending. Height 94 cm. anti-slip rubber in the package.

Code: 3150

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