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Brass Knuckles Silver

Brass Knuckles Silver. It is an effective means of defence but of a dangerous weapon.

Code: 4169
CO2 Cartridge 12g
CO2 Cartridge 12g
In Stock (2 pcs)

For guns and revolvers powered by CO2 gas. The cartridges will last about 80 shots (depending on the type of weapon).

Code: 518
Inno Rifle Case Black and Green

Inno Rifle Case Black and Green.

Code: 06876
Inno Rifle Case Green

INNO 1022 - Carrying case for rifle with optics.

Code: 8069
Seat Stick - Long
Seat Stick - Long
In Stock (1 pcs)

Folding seat stick with leather seat. Seating height approx. 54 cm. Weight approx. 750 g.  

Code: 545
Universal Handgun Case
Universal Handgun Case
In Stock (3 pcs)

Universal briefcase for short spherical guns including accessories. The case is made of durable thermoplastic with a polyurethane foam liner.  

Code: 09300
Walking Stick with Rubber Tip

Walking stick with rubber, non-slip ending. Height 94 cm. anti-slip rubber in the package.

Code: 3150

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