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Gränsfors 35" Big American Felling Axe

This axe has a traditional north american shape, which is well suited to felling and cutting branches and splitting firewood.

Code: 6671
Gränsfors 410 Small Axe
Gränsfors 410 Small Axe
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A small hatchet Gränsfors 410 is the lightest of all the axes Gränsfors Bruk, making it perfect for hiking, when the counts of each pounds.The axe is excellent for limbing trees...

Code: 9332
Gränsfors 425 Outdoor Axe

Gränsfors Outdoor Axe was developed with the help of an expert on survival Lars Fälta and is ideal for those who want to use an axe in nature in different ways.

Code: 00419
Gränsfors 430 Scandinavian Forest Axe

Perfectly suited for felling and chipping branches. For its round shape is suitable for working with fresh wood, such as spruce and pine.

Code: 2273
Gränsfors 441 Medium Splitting Axe

Medium splitting axe Gränsfors 441. Can be used for medium-sized firewood. The axe should not be used for hammering a wedge or as a wedge.

Code: 01229
Gränsfors 442 Big Splitting Axe

Thanks to the sharp blade, the hollow sheet and the large head is optimal for splitting large pieces of wood. Hickory helve has at the upper end of the protection of steel and...

Code: 969
Gränsfors 450 Splitting Hammer

This hammer has just as sharp ax sharp blades and hollow blade and big head. This hammer is suitable for splitting large and knotted pieces of wood. Headgear and a strong back...

Code: 970
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This axe has straight, long and thin blades, creating a uniform cut surface. The back of the ax can be used as a hammer, the handle is adapted to each hand grip. Straight and...

Code: 966
Gränsfors 475 Swedish Carving Axe

Suitable for domestic woodworking. It has a relatively long, bent edge with a wide and straight edge. The blade is about 11 cm long.

Code: 0730
Gränsfors 490 Throwing Double Bit Axe

Competitive throwing axe double blade Gränsfors 490.

Code: 6262
Gränsfors Bruks 415 Trekking Axe

Trekking axe manufacturer Gransfor Bruks is camping axe, which can be well put in a backpack. The shape of the leather protective sleeve for the blade of the axe prevents...

Code: 02272
Gränsfors Hunting Axe

Special axe for hunters. With this hatchet you can how to chop wood, and carve the venison and chop up the bones. This axe has received in Sweden honours for excellent Swedish...

Code: 00418
Gränsfors Small Forest Axe

The larger head of the axe and the long handle as with the trekking axe give more power when mowing.The axe is very good to pack into a large backpack. It should not even miss...

Code: 00420
Gränsfors Splitting Wedge with Notches

Wood splitting wedge with notches. Made of hardened steel. The wedge has slanted edges on one side. It measures 23 cm and weighs 1.5 kg.  

Code: 2274

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