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Gas Submachine Gun GSG STG-44 cal. 9mm PA Knall

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Faithful replica of the German Sturmgewehr 1944 including wooden stock, black version, with 1 magazine. This accelerator is used in 9 mm caliber P.A.K. The gun works in semi Auto mode.

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Product detailed description

It is a gas gun, a faithful replica of the German Sturmgewehr 1944, including a wooden stock, black version, with 1 magazine, to this gun are used acoustic cartridges in caliber 9 mm P.A.K. The weapon works in semi auto mode (shooting is not possible). A spare magazine can be purchased for 1.450, -CZK.

caliber 9 mm PA Knall
magazine - 25 wounds
Weight 4.680 g
Gun length 937 mm
Category D weapon - Over-the-counter
free sales from 18 years of age

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J Avatar of author Gun info 25.10.2020 16:18
Is this semiautomatic AND fully automatic or just semi? Also can you ship to the U.S.