Gas Riffles

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Gas carbine Bruni 1894 cal. 8mm
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Code: 5768
3 750 Kč

The replica of the legendary Western Winchester Carbine Winch. A gas alarms weapon with an out-of-axis blast.

Code: 5768
Gas Submachine Gun GSG MP-40 cal. 9mm P.A.K.
10 200 Kč

A faithful copy of the German MP 40, including a folding stock, black version, in a 1 tray set, acoustic cartridges in 9 mm PA Knall caliber are used in this weapon.

Code: 63587
Gas Submachine Gun GSG STG-44 cal. 9mm PA Knall
12 850 Kč

Faithful replica of the German Sturmgewehr 1944 including wooden stock, black version, with 1 magazine. This accelerator is used in 9 mm caliber P.A.K. The gun works in semi...

Code: 58512