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crosman 2100B
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Pumping Air Rifle Crosman 2100B cal. 4.5mm is ideal for starting shooters. The weapon is charged by the pump system in the front of the stock under the main to get full fill,...

Code: 74721
m4 177 4 2
2 180 Kč

Crosman M4-177 cal. 4.5mm is a pumping air rifle, based on the proven 2100B model and styled in the shape of a well-known military rifle M4 (AR16).

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Crosman Marlin Cowboy Air Rifle cal. 4,5mm
1 340 Kč

All-metal western-type air rifle with wooden stock. It is intended only for shooting by steel BB shot 4,5 mm, capacity 700 hoppers.        

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Crosman Optimus Air Rifle cal. 4,5mm
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Reliable break-in air rifle with a soft spring suitable for children as well. Ideal weapon for starting shooters.

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760 pump 800x600
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Crosman Pumpmaster Air Rifle cal. 4.5 mm allows shooting both BB and diabolo.

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Crosman Repeatair 1077 CO2 Air Rifle cal. 4,5mm
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The popular Crosman Repeatair 1077 CO2, which can be used for both fun and sport shooting.

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Crosman Vantage NP Air Rifle cal. 4,5mm
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Crosman Vantage NP cal. 4.5 mm is a classic breakable air rifle. It is equipped with a fuse and belongs to a lighter air rifle, so it is also suitable for children.

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