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Arrow Nock with a Slot for Crossbow

Plastic nock to duralumin arrow 2219 with crossbow groove - 1 piece.

Code: 02219
Mankung 150 Lbs Camo Reflective Crossbow

Classic crossbow with reflective bow in camo design.

Code: 440211
Mankung A1 50 Lbs Pistol Crossbow

The pistol crossbow is equipped with a profiled metal bow, metal body with plastic grip, adjustable visor and sight.

Code: 648
Mankung A2 50 Lbs Pistol Crossbow

Pistol crossbow for shooting at 10 - 15 m. The pulling force is 24 kg. The bowl is made of profiled sheet metal, a foot for pulling. The package includes 5 plastic arrows.

Code: 7011
MKE 150 Lbs A2 Reflective Crossbow

Classic crossbow with reflective bow of fiberglass, black metal frame stock.

Code: 87772
SPA CP1 Air Pistol 4,5mm

SPA CP1 Air Pistol has an ergonomic wooden handle designed for both right-hand and left-handed.

Code: 355

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