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Buck Alfa Hunter 277RWS1 Folding Knife

Bronze pads, and only a perfect balance between weight and design. Offered with a resin impregnated palisander handle and exclusive S30V stainless steel-satin trim blade.

Code: 7598
Buck Alfa Hunter Folding Knife

This knife will keep you in the hand thanks to the rubber handle. It is perfectly balanced both in terms of weight and design. It also has other enhancements that make it easy...

Code: 06658
Buck Alpha Hunter 278 Folding Knife

Very sturdy and elegant hunting knife with a pair of hooks. Made of 420HC stainless steel. Handles made of black rubber. The knife is equipped with a fuse and a cordura case.

Code: 6931
Buck BANTAM BLW 0285CMS-B Folding Knife

Buck BANTAM BLW 0285CMS-B Folding Knife. 

Code: 5461
Buck BU22002 Tool
Buck BU22002 Tool
Not available

This great set of 15-piece brackets is versatile and is compatible with the handles of our 095 TOPS / Buck CSAR-T Combat Knives.

Code: 0733
Buck Folding Hunter 0110BRS-B Knife

Buck Folding Hunter 0110BRS-B Knife. This knife was put on sale in 1963 as the first knife by Buck.

Code: 77820
Buck Gamut Knife

Buck Gamut Knife. A knife suitable for traveling and camping.

Code: 3515
Buck General 120BRS Knife

Buck General 120BRS Knife. 

Code: 7670
Buck Hunter 110BRSFG Folding Knife

This knife is like a Buck signature, 110 Folding Hunter, is high quality, reliable locking. And it's pure Buck.

Code: 7668
Buck Ranger 112BRS Folding Knife

Classic, Reliable Tool.Ranger is a smaller version of the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. Easy opening and closing with nail slot and Lockback design.

Code: 7666
Buck Special 0119BKS-B Knife

Buck Special 0119BKS-B Knife.

Code: 6056
Buck Special 119BRS Knife

Knife Special 119BRS from the brand Buck is special with a wonderful handle and fixed blade.

Code: 7669

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