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Air Guns


muska gamo
Gamo Optic Sight
In Stock (8 ks)
Code: 06610
Gamo Replay 10 Air Rifle SET cal. 4,5mm
In Stock - Personal Collection (11 ks)
Code: 567741
m4 177 4 2
Hatsan 135 Air Rifle cal. 6,35mm
Hatsan 135 Air Rifle cal. 6,35mm
In Stock - Personal Collection (1 ks)
Code: 88655
Gamo Replay 10 MAXXIM Air Rifle cal. 4,5 mm
Hatsan Striker 1000X Air Rifle cal. 4,5mm
96 items total
Colt Single Action Army SAA Air Revolver .45 černý

Impeccable replica of the Colt SAA western weapon with a handle in a wood decor. Capacity of 6 rounds - BB shotgun of 4.5mm diameter. Black finish. System principle - CO2 bomb.

Code: 74148
Colt Single Action Army SAA Air Revolver .45 nickel

Colt Single Action Army SAA Air Revolver .45 nickel

Code: 74149
vyrn 320vzduchova pistol crosman c 1088 kal 4 5mm 1

Air Pistol Crosman 1088 CO2 cal. 4,5mm for fun and sport shooting both on diabollo and steel BB shot.

Code: 8610
crosman 1377 black 1

One-shot air pistol from US manufacturer Crosman, with 5.5 mm caliber threaded steel barrel for precise target shooting.

Code: 24931
Crosman 1377 Air Pistol cal. 4,5mm

One-shot air pistol from American manufacturer Crosman, with threaded steel barrel caliber 4.5 mm for precise target shooting, possibility of shooting even at 25m.

Code: 8379
crosman 2100B
Crosman 2100B Air Rifle cal. 4,5mm
In Stock - Personal Collection (1 pcs)

Pumping Air Rifle Crosman 2100B cal. 4.5mm is ideal for starting shooters. The weapon is charged by the pump system in the front of the stock under the main to get full fill, so...

Code: 74721
Crosman 2240 CO2 Air Pistol cal. 5,5mm (.22)
Crosman 2240 CO2 Air Pistol cal. 5,5mm (.22)
In Stock - Personal Collection (1 pcs)

Crosman 2240 CO2 5,5 mm Air Sport Gun (.22).

Code: 06798
Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Air Pistol cal. 4,5mm

The Benjamin Trail NP air pistol is equipped with light guide sights, an unintentional shot and a 11 mm mounting strip for the optics or collimator. It is suitable for...

Code: 2472
Crosman C41 Air Pistol cal. 4,5mm

An attractive air pistol, a copy of the Walther P38. Caliber 4.5mm, CO2 system. BB shot.

Code: 214414
m4 177 4 2

Crosman M4-177 cal. 4.5mm is a pumping air rifle, based on the proven 2100B model and styled in the shape of a well-known military rifle M4 (AR16).

Code: 656774
Crosman Optimus Air Rifle cal. 4,5mm

Reliable break-in air rifle with a soft spring suitable for children as well. Ideal weapon for starting shooters.

Code: 856
Crosman PRO 77 Air Pistol cal. 4,5mm

The Crosman air gun, Pro 77, is powered by a 12g CO2 bomb. The Blow-Back system has a 17-rounds magazine and is designed for rapid tactical shooting.

Code: 8663
760 pump 800x600

Crosman Pumpmaster Air Rifle cal. 4.5 mm allows shooting both BB and diabolo.

Code: 78924
Crosman Repeatair 1077 CO2 Air Rifle cal. 4,5mm

The popular Crosman Repeatair 1077 CO2, which can be used for both fun and sport shooting.

Code: 7307
0 247 800x600

Crosman TT CO2 air gun with smooth barrel for destructive hobby shooting with steel BB shotgun caliber 4.5mm.

Code: 98754
Crosman Vantage NP Air Rifle cal. 4,5mm

Crosman Vantage NP cal. 4.5 mm is a classic breakable air rifle. It is equipped with a fuse and belongs to a lighter air rifle, so it is also suitable for children.

Code: 74722
CZ 75 P-07 DUTY CO2 Airsoft Gun

Replica CZ 75 P-07 DUTY Airsoft Pistol with every detail. This is a CO2 ball gun, on BB 6mm balls.

Code: 01240
vyrp13 191Vzduchova pistole CZ 75 D Compact 3

Very faithful copy of the realistic CZ 75D Compact Airsoft with all the details, including a functional fuse. This is a CO2 airsoft gun, on BB 6mm balls. We recommend using the...

Code: 0366
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In this department you will find the excellent air rifles of the Spanish manufacturer Gamo, the very precise CO2 air rifles of the German manufacturer Umarex, Turkish air rifles Hatsan, which have excellent price-quality ratio, Crosman, Norconia, Hammerli and Czech Slavia air rifles. We also offer accessories for air weapons: diabolky, bombs, targets, riflescopes, spare parts and more ...

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