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9 mm


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vyrn 168Poplasne naboje 9mm pistol Fiocchi

Fiocchi 9mm P.A. Blank for a gas guns. Packed in 50 pieces.  

Code: 271202
Plynové náboje CS Wadie do pistole cal.9mm 10ks
Code: 372
vyr 133696mm SB blanc 50ks

Use for a 9 mm caliber gas gun. Acoustic effection when shot. Packed for 50 pcs.

Code: 5693
akustické náboje walther 9mm 50ks

Alarm cartridges Umarex Walther 9mm P.A.K. for a gas gun from the German company Umarex. 

Code: 1746
naboje pepř wadie

Extra strong gas cartridges with irritant Nonivamid (technical pepper) 45mg in charge. Use in a 9 mm caliber gas gun. Packed after 10ks.It is suitable for defense and against...

Code: 6379
Wadie cal. 9mm P.A. PV Pepper Cartridges 10 pcs

This pepper cartridge is good for 9mm caliber gas guns, contains Noviamid = technical pepper (20mg Noviamid in one cartridge).

Code: 357
vyr 833Plynove naboje PV 9mm pistol 10ks

Gus gun cartridge with irritant luminous and acoustic effect caliber 9mm P.A. PV.

Code: 3800
vyr 790Plynove naboje CN 9 mm pistole Wadie 220g

Extremely strong Wadie CN cartridges for gas guns, 9 mm caliber PA with irritant, for personal defense.

Code: 0378