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8 mm


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Fiocchi cal. 8mm Salve Blank Cartridges 1pc

Fiocchi Salve Blank cal. 8mm for gas guns. Acoustic effect. 50 pieces in package.

Code: 6533
csm Kurzwaffe Knallpatrone 8mm knall Verpackung 01 1090040e99

Alarm charge Geco 8mm Knall to the gas pistol - 1 piece.

Code: 0436
plynove naboje cs 8mm pistole wadie 10ks i14815

Gas cartridges CS 8 mm Wadie pistol. CS bullet for 8 mm caliber gas guns with an irritant.

Code: 386
Wadie Supra cal. 8mm PV Pepper Cartridges 10 pcs

Extra strong gas cartridges with irritant Nonivamid (technical pepper) 45mg in charge. Use in a 8 mm gas gun. Packed after 10ks.It is suitable for defense and against animals.

Code: 6540
8mmpakbrass z l

Alarm cartridge Y.A.S 8mm P.A. Knall to gas gun - 1 piece.

Code: 0434

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