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Gas Submachine Gun SA 61 Skorpion cal. 9mm P.A.K

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Gas Submachine Gun Sa vz. 61 CSA Scarpion 9 mm CSA (Blank) - a simple and light, self-powered weapon.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

a simple and light, self-powered weapon.

folding stock
all metal weapon body
Trays made of high-strength polycarbonate feature great resistance to wear and impact
a fuse to secure the weapon
compared to a sharp weapon, Sa vz. 61 Blank 70 mm long and 2 mm thick steel slice welded inside the barrel through two transverse pins, making it impossible to fire any bullet from the gun, otherwise the weapon is totally identical to the sharp version.
the gun uses the gas pressures on the cartridge base to move the breech to the rear position, the breech gets into the forward position by the pressure of the two return springs
the whole weapon is located in the breech case, the push-buttons to pull the breech do not reach far from the gun, so it is possible to shoot with a gun close to the body or in a limited space
Skopje vz.61 Blank is a reliable weapon even in difficult conditions such as rain, dust, very high or very low temperatures
the gun can be shot in any position, the trigger mechanism allows both individual wounds and shot - Full-auto / Semi-auto (fully automatic / self-charging)
during shooting, the cartridges are continuously fed from the 20-stroke magazine, the stack position makes it easy to hold the gun with both hands, changing the cartridges is easy and fast
wearing the vz.61 is easy due to its small size and weight
for the distribution, cleaning and preservation of the weapon, no special tools are needed, for the cleaning of the chamber and, in particular, simple accessories
accessories: 2 x tray, brush for cleaning, instructions.



all metal weapon body


9 mm P.A. Blank (Knall)

Wounds count:


Shooting mode:

Full-auto / Semi-auto (fully automatic / self-charging)

Gun Height with 20 Ear Bowl:

185 mm

Total length of weapon with folded shoulder support:

522 mm

Total length of weapon with folded shoulder support:

270 mm

Width of the weapon:

45 mm

Weapon weight without magazine:

1.37 kg

Weapon weight with a full 20-year-old magazine:

1.52 kg

Empty Tray Weight:

0.05 kg

Category D weapon (Free sale from 18 years)

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